Steps for researching a project

Art Productions will work with you every step of the way.  To begin with try to answer a few of the standard questions:

First – What is the plan for this design?  Will this go on an existing structure such as an outdoor advertising board?  Or, is your spectacular to be a free standing design?  Will the final design be supplied by your company or do you want Art Productions to offer a composition?

Second – How long will the 3D or illuminated structure be kept?  If this is an event specific project, what time line do you have to produce and install?

Third – Are there budget constraints or is this a speculative design?

Fourth – Once a design has been approved, will a model be necessary?  Will there be time to produce a model (generally one to two weeks)?  Most construction for 3Ds and illuminated spectaculars will take in the neighborhood of twelve weeks.  Production time will depend on if this is an original production as opposed to pulling casts off of existing molds and what other elements will play a factor such as weather and access to a location.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help planning your design.  Regardless of whether you choose to have something produced by Art Productions or not, any time spent working on a project with a client is never wasted time.   We are always ready to sift through the information.

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