What is your goal?

The initial goal is very simple…

Capture Attention

Whether your final goal is to make a sale or produce a spectacular presence marketing, the first step is always to capture attention.

Art Productions works with you to meet that goal.  We are a niche company that is capable of producing unusual projects as small as a 5’ half round three-dimensional (3D) golf ball or as a large as 70’ of illuminated lettering that writes a name across the night-time sky.

A 3D structure breaks the natural boundaries of a simple sign.  Have you ever passed an ad with a 3D on it that you ignored? Or, failed to mention to somebody else later?  Probably not.  So you know first hand how effective 3D advertising can be.

Art Productions produces 3Ds with realistic results and enhance them in different ways with lighting.  Whether a client utilizes a 6’ half round baseball or a 30’ tall soft drink bottle, the public’s attention is snatched away from the clutter of daily ads they encounter.  That’s pretty good in this age of mass marketing.

Our client list includes companies such as Coca-Cola, Boston Red Sox, John Hancock, Hood Milk, Longhorn Steak Restaurants, Kroger, McDonald’s, Raymond Weil and UPS to name a few.  We believe in long term relationships with a select group of client’s rather than trying to work with everyone in the world.  This is accomplished by acute attention to every project and a true hands on approach.

The goal at Art Productions is simple: to produce a quality product in a competitive manner.  We will give you honest feedback on your design while in the planning stage and along the way once a project has begun.   Reputation is everything in business and having a good one means everything to us. 

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